up:: ACCESS 笔记组织法




Spaces are one of the most important parts of ACCESS: Whenever you have something big in your life, create a new space.

I use spaces for holding:

  • My efforts for LYT.
  • My non-idea, work notes for LYT.
  • My non-idea, work notes for my TV Editing career.
  • My personal plans and reviews.
  • My personal notes on finances.
  • BiggerEfforts, likeMy Newsletter MOC.
  • New areas I’m learning, like the literary industry.
  • Fun micro-efforts, like mapping issues of The Cultural Tutor’s newsletter.
  • Special new efforts, where I want to mindfully incubate related notes, to allow them to slowly develop.
  • Folder packs I share, like the LYT Kit and Obsidian Flight School.
  • Other big, hard-to-define things
  • And whatever else demands its own space!

Can you see how terms like “projects” and “areas” just don’t cut it? When you work with ideas, you need looser terms.

“Spaces” are more flexible than “projects” and more versatile than “areas”. Spaces contain both—and more—because they containefforts.

Between “spaces” and “efforts” and “Maps of Content”, you have the terms that will allow your ideas the room to breath and the flexibility to grow.